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Dear blog posts (or trees losing leaves),

It has been a hot second… or two since I wrote a blog. I can think of a million reasons why I haven’t written one. Tons of good excuses with a bottom line– I wasn’t feeling it! But, today it spoke to me-SHE SPOKE TO ME. Maybe it is the full moon or maybe it is momentum? Or maybe it was just this PINK tree saying, “baby let’s do this!”

Some of you know that during the pandemic I started the privilege to meet with people at assisted living centers. Over an IPAD while patients were quarantined in their rooms, I was connected with a sweet lady who said, “Dr. Dara, my daughter wanted me to talk to you because I get really sad in the winter. I become tearful when the leaves fall off. I get scared of the scarcity”. I offered her a way of thinking about things and the outcome was her excitement for the change in season. She looked with me through a lens to picture naked trees as a celebration of re-birth, rejuvenation and opportunity for a fresh start. At 82, Molly no longer feared seasons. Shortly after our conversation, Molly died from COVID.

A couple years ago I started a book. Then, I stopped writing... I realized that I have not been writing out of fear…fear of it or me not being enough. Today a 102 year old patient said, “the leaves on the trees outside look so beautiful. They are like me though, you don’t know when they will fall off. I am not scared to die”.

Have I been scared to live?

Recently I shared that I am finishing a 2022 planner + journal. I have been doing it despite the fear. So, today, feeling inspired, I pulled my book board out and snapped a pic. Then I looked at the picture. Then I looked further beyond the pink leaves at the possibility waiting behind it- all the bountiful LOVE waiting for me.

So, I am better than okay with the leaves falling and I am nervecited (nervous+excited=term coined by my 8 year old daughter) for what will grow as my future projects take root and flourish.

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