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Dear ThoughtMarathon

I am thinking, how about you do nothing with them. I know they can be invasive and annoying, but they are just thoughts, or even facts, but they are not truths.

If I ask you to think of a really yummy cookie, you would think of a yummy cookie. If I then asked you to stop thinking of the yummy cookie, your mind will keep thinking of the yummy cookie. Mind does not respond to the “NO” or “DON’T.”

Mind only hears the command.

For example, when you watch your favorite movie and are absolutely focused, there is no distraction. Now, imagine watching it with commercials. I believe our minds think like a movie with commercials!

You watch the movie and 3 commercials come on totaling 90 seconds of “distraction.” Within 90 seconds you have been triggered and sent on an emotional rollercoaster. Each of the reminders were at a level below conscious mind. You did not wake up thinking about the person that dumped you in 7th grade!

Meanwhile, your favorite movie comes back on and you dive right back into it as there was no interruption. That is how our minds work. Things come up, and it does not mean there is anything for us to do with it, but acknowledge and notice it as it is.

Just because you want to eat something or look different doesn’t mean you are good or bad, or it is the truth. It is just a thought, and there is nothing to do with it.

Don’t even try not to think about it. It is what it is… thoughts.

In health, happiness, and fleeing thoughts,

Dr. Dara

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