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Plan out your ideal New Year’s Day

TIME TO SHIFT The time to shift is here and now.

The year went by in the blink of an eye. You, like me, are probably wondering how it happened so fast. Another year…. As quick as they pass, is as quick as we can shiFt them to be exactly what we want them to be. Take action now, #MAKESHIFTHAPPEN !

I love New Year’s Day. I love the idea of starting my year with a blank slate. I love the idea of getting a solid night’s sleep and having a healthful New Year’s Day feeling revitalized and energetic. I love the idea of New Year’s Day being a blue print of how I want the rest of the year to be.

Be particular about what you choose to do. Be particular about what you want to feel. Be particular who you spend it with. Design your shiFT!

Plan out your year. Decide your goals. See it exactly the way you want it to be. See it exactly the way you want it as it has already happened. Describe it in such detail that you can literally feel it, taste it, smell it.

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