When you’re looking for help, guidance or support, you need to feel understood. You need someone who gets you–what you want and what you need. Someone who can help you experience meaningful change, whether you are looking to transform your life entirely or just make the SHIFTS that will help you reach your potential. 

What I do….


I am a licensed psychologist who specializes in rapid transformation, helping people move from crappy to happy, from ordinary to extraordinary, from surviving to thriving. 

If you want to experience true fulfillment, break free from the prison of “need-tos” and “to-dos” and start living a life of Ta-Das, you’re in the right place.

Dr. Dara Bushman-DeLeon | Psychologist | Ashveville North Carolina and South Florida
Dr. Dara Bushman-DeLeon | Psychologist | Ashveville North Carolina and South Florida
Dr. Dara Bushman-DeLeon | Psychologist | Ashveville North Carolina and South Florida
My Philosophy (and Results)


Real change doesn’t have to take years or even months.

Working with me causes accelerated healing through a process called Rapid Resolution Therapy

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About Rapid Resolution Therapy


I utilize Rapid Resolution Therapy to gently and effectively clear emotional blocks and achieve dramatic transformation, immediately decreasing levels of anxiety and increasing clarity to reach full physical and emotional balance.


Trauma is a physical and emotional response to perceived threat. Unfortunately, after you have experienced trauma, it is very common to re-experience the trauma again and again, even when the threat is absent. Something triggers you and you are immediately launched into the same emotional experience as when the trauma occurred. This vicious cycle continues, reactivating the trauma over and over–unless it gets cleared. In an RRT session, we break this cycle–not by changing what you think, but by changing how you think about what you are thinking. 

RRT stands for Rapid Resolution Therapy, but you can also think of it as Rapidly Resolving Trauma...Triggers...and all sorts of other psychological Troubles. 

Are We a Fit? 


My no bullSHIFT approach will meet you where you are and take you where you need to be. The way I see it: My job is to get you out of my office and living your best life as your best self.

My clinical background includes working with individuals, couples, families and even groups to dissolve trauma triggers and eliminate recurring traumatic experiences. I am licensed in the states of North Carolina and Florida.

I was a lead therapist for 10 years at Milestones in Recovery, a comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment Center where I introduced a comprehensive approach to healing that involved mind/body healing. I have cracked the code to the language of disordered eating and the secret to eating disorders through the language of Foodinese. 

Early in the pandemic I saw a picture of a healthcare worker hugging an elderly patient in isolation. I immediately felt a calling and recently began working in Assisted Living facilities in the Asheville area. 

I also work with aspiring and professional athletes, as well as Olympians, to break mental blocks and achieve peak performance, getting them out of their heads and onto the winner’s platform. 

Dr. Dara Bushman-DeLeon | Psychologist | Ashveville North Carolina and South Florida

"To heal is to have grace for ourselves. To notice our strengths and have appreciation for what we do as opposed to shaming ourselves or trying to “forgive” what we perceive is wrong or broken within us."


Dr. Dara
It's time to get your SHIFT together...
To have clarity and peace 
To feel happy and content and peaceful 
To experience complete self-acceptance
To have authentic, connection/meaningful relationships with others
To feel understood 
To get the help and guidance you need to breakthrough
To make a powerful and lasting SHIFT 
Personally Speaking...


In early 2020, I moved to the majestic mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with my husband Randy, who recently retired as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent and Military Criminal Investigator, my two young, zestful, and inquisitive children, Elyah and Nevin, and our two fur babies, Italian greyhound, Denzel, and Merlin, our adopted Greyhound who is a retired racing dog.  

Dr. Dara Bushman-DeLeon | Psychologist | Ashveville North Carolina and South Florida
Dr. Dara Bushman-DeLeon | Psychologist | Ashveville North Carolina and South Florida

If interested, you can read about what it was like to uproot the family and move states away from everything we knew in the middle of a pandemic in our COVID chronicles on my BLOG.  (Teaser: Randy and I both got COVID-19 and ended up quarantined in separate states, acutely ill, and wondering who would raise our kids if this thing took us both down.) 


When I am not working, writing, or with my family, you can find me running outdoors, chasing waterfalls, hiking new trails, riding in my jeep, scouting locally grown food, or cooking a new vegan recipe.

Integrity is my favorite word and my favorite quote is: 

She believed she could, so she did.