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Powerful Planner & Journal
for an Unapologetically Kick-Ass Life

Time to stop shoulding on yourself and Get Your S.H.I.F.T. Together! 


"The moment an idea becomes an option - S.H.I.F.T"

-Dr. Dara


Maybe you are suffering in some way - your relationship isn’t giving you any love, your job sucks, your family makes you wish you were switched at birth... 

When you are stuck, you do things you don’t really want to do. You make foolish decisions or hide in a shell, taking no risks and not living life. You see yourself as not enough or inferior. You settle, you placate, you apologize for your existence... UNTIL NOW! 

You heard from a mentor that you shouldn’t have to pay for graduate school, but you are unsure what questions to ask or where to find information about getting funding for your degree.

With your S.H.I.F.T. together, you will meet your inner superhero, unmute the internal rockstar, own your magnificence, and watch your relationships / job / bank account / family dynamics miraculously transform. 

So, if you are ready to look in the rear view mirror of your life and see the skid marks you left on your road to bliss, stop waiting to start the ignition, and floor the gas! 


This Planner & Journal is for you

  • DELUXE LIFE PLANNER & JOURNAL: Helps you become the best you on all levels. Uniquely increases intention, productivity and happiness! 

  • UNDATED FORMAT: Makes it easy to start at any time. No more waiting for the perfect date or time to start living your best life. Start NOW, whenever NOW is! 

  • REAL TOOLS FOR CHANGE: Stay focused and create your best life through prompts, interactive activities to encourage mental well-being, reflections, and gratitude lists done daily, weekly, and/or monthly. 

  • SCHEDULED FOR SUCCESS: 12 monthly calendar pages and 52 weekly and daily pages provide plenty of room for notes, inspiration, and scheduling.

Sneak Peak

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