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It is okay to have anxiety. It is okay to have doubts. It is okay to be nervous.

In fact, anxiety is a physiological or emotional response to perceived threat. Your mind is letting you know there is a concerning thought, and your body is responding. A response is good and means your body is strengthening. Anxiety is an indication that what you are doing is of interest, importance and you care. If you did not have anxiety, you would be non-responsive…. I like responsiveness and I like that anxiety lets me know I am alive.

So, I just keep showing up. SHOW UP. JUST KEEP SHOWING UP. Despite how you think, despite how you feel. Just SHOW UP.

If your anxiety feels like too much, shiFt it before the new year.

Call Dr. Dara for a Rapid Resolution Session, (954)862-2252.


Give a shift!

Know someone who could use RRT? Gift a session this holiday.

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