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About sums it up…

Leaving everything behind we don’t want from 2021. Happy where we are now. And ready to cruz into 2022 (in my jeep of course)!

So, we are still in the rental house we moved in when we came to Asheville. Half of our furniture from our old house in Florida is in our garage all packed in tight, without accessibility. To fit our Christmas tree in this year, we moved around the furniture in our den. The adjustment made the room bigger, more roomie. A couch from our old house was kind of on the end of the furniture mound monstrocity. I mentioned to Randy a few times about maybe getting it in the house somehow–but, it did not seem possible–until it did.

We took down our tree yesterday (had to have a clear, clean house for the new year) and moved in THE couch. I said, “why didn’t we think of it sooner to move the furniture this way or bring the couch in?”

Epiphany: we could not have thought of it sooner or have come up the phenomenal idea until we did!!

Moral of my end of 2021 story… I could not have gotten anything else done more than I have this year. I could not have done anything better than I did this year. And I am right where there is for me to be for this year…sitting on my brown couch!

Here is to things happening just as they will for 2022!!

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