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Are you pondering the meaning of life?

Dear everyone wondering what they will be when they grow up or playing the role of grown up and pondering the meaning of life,

Current events of somberness and sadness leave us with heavy hearts. Shootings, violence, and death leave questions about the importance of our continual fight in the rat race of society, perpetuating the constant battle to continue to be more, want more and do more. We are in this rush to be perfect parents, make more money, earn more accolades in our careers, and constantly chase degrees and titles. Every sound bite from the media leaves indications that we are not good enough or doing enough while we compare our insides to other people's outsides while obsessively staring at the picture-perfect lives portrayed on social media. And for what, and at what cost?

In this fast-paced high-tech world, are we losing track of what is important?

As I have been continuing to dig into the essence of keeping my own SHIFT together, while trying to be of value and to support others, the word integrity repeatedly rings in my ears. Integrity to me is being honest, real and showing up consistently, in all areas of my life (even when no one is looking!). We all want the fast path to reach the peak of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Self-Actualization without respecting the fluidity of constant change. Like Heraclitus said, “The only constant in life is change.”

Being “grown up” like self-actualization is not a fixed state nor is having your SHIFT together. It is a constant practice, like an art.

Having balance in spiritual connections leads to healthfully making choices to fill your own self-love cup. Filling your own self-love cup with nourishment, rest, and movement reflects in the way we connect with others, interpersonally setting limits as we prioritize ourselves. Time to ourselves and with our peeps is similar to how we spend money or save. All of this in turn equates to how we define being a grown up or how we evolve in the way we parent, work, or provide education. Life has meaning if it feels fulfilling and full, from the ground up.

Then you take the current ruthless acts of hatred and crimes of pain that are occurring in our communities that cause soulful devastation and the annihilation of our purpose and make us question the meaning of life.

The reality of our purpose is really not about what we are doing, but how we are doing it. Are we showing up with integrity? Are we being part of the solution? Are we being the change we wish to see in the world?

I send much love to all the families affected by the recent shootings and to all that have ever been saddened by acts of unkindness. I also welcome the opportunity for introspection of the role and responsibility we each have in raising our babies and in the nurturance of ourselves to fulfill our soulful purpose–not to grow up, but to grow in.

Warmly, Your No bull-shiFt, mental fitness, advice giving, S.H.I.F.T. Powerful Planner and Journal for an Unapologetically Kick Ass Life author, shame abolishing, health advocator and doer, Dr. Dara

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