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Always Wanting More

From a young age I see my kids emulating me and people they admire. It is innate for them to want to be older and mock attributes of others.

I already see the desire to be more mature. They express their creativity and try different perspectives of voices. I find it cute and entertaining as, I am enamored by their sense of self-assurance.

When does it shift from a child role playing in self-exploration to a teenager or adult not being settled in their own skin, longing for approval, and having preoccupation of not fitting in or being “good enough?”

I love when I see my kids play and no matter how silly they may look, they only see okayness and beauty.

What if for right now, only today, we were alright with whatever concerns or preoccupation we have with our body or looks? What if for today whatever hardships we are experiencing are only part of our story and not our identity or who we are? What if in this moment it was all okay and there was nothing that had to be fixed or done? Maybe tomorrow, but not today….

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