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Athletes and Anxiety

Anxiety does not discriminate, it affects everyone.

Anxiety is anxiety. It does not mean it is bad.

Anxiety can be little a’s and big A’s.

Often big anxiety is easy to clear because no one wants the emotional attachment to it. It is like dismantling a piece out of an intricate grandfather clock.

When one piece is missing, it simply can’t work.

An athletes mind reads their nerves or inability to do something which creates anxiety as fear. Fear is an emotional or physiological response to perceived threat.

Once mind acknowledges the anxiety it then knows it does not have to do anything with it or to it, the anxiety is a sign of strengthening and getting ready to make shiFt happen.

If you feel stuck and are unsure how to get out of your anxiety, call for an RRT appointment to clear it and #makeshiFthappen . Dr. Dara: (954)862-2252 or

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