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Communication Does Not Discriminate!

I am a mother and a wife in a multi-racial family.

I am a Jewish-American, born in New Jersey and raised in South Florida in a nuclear, traditional middle-class economical family with one brother.

My husband is a Christian- Hispanic (Venezuelan and Dominican) born in the Dominican Republic, raised in DR and NY in lower socioeconomics by his grandmother.

He was one of nine children in a combined familiar household. My husband joined the military to serve the U.S. government at age 17. At age 17, I went to Johnson City, TN on a college tennis scholarship. I am fair skinned and petite with light hair. He is dark-toned and tall with a strong, masculine stature.

I never saw his color and he never saw mine. We just met. We fell in love. We have two beautiful mocha skinned babies who are a perfect combination of us both. Our children are 3 and 5 and they only see people, not color.

Whether you are purple, green, or from different cultures, values and communication are key to any relationship. Have similar core values is the foundation and base of a relationship. From there you can build.

Communication does not discriminate! Communication is critical. It is how you will find compromise and discuss similarities and differences.

Identify what are priorities and areas of importance of family traditions. Try different things out.

Be flexible! My husband and my perspectives shifted values as we had kids, so we shifted together.

Our one rule is no matter our differences we speak to the kids from a united front. At the end of the day, it is about the bond and connection you and your partner develop that creates the perspective of the world of how you both receive the world.

When you are both aligned you are a stronger force. If you see prejudice you will receive prejudice. If you see similarities, you will receive acceptance.

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