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Dear COVID-19,

You showed up when I least expected you. I thought you only happened to other people. I respected you and the capacity of your strength. I heeded the precautions to avoid your acquaintance and did everything I could not to experience you. I offered service and expertise to others adjusting and coping with the magnitude of pain, confusion, and devastation you cause in your path of a pandemic. You respect no one and you did not respect my limits. COVID you spread like wildfire and burn and kill everything in your path. You are not just about getting sick and being affected physically. COVID, you physically, mentally, and spiritually prey on every part of human beings. You latch into people’s existence like a blood sucking leach sinking your teeth into flesh. You are not just about making people sick with or without physical symptoms. You leave people vulnerable, raw, exposed, and scared. You strike emotions and fears felt from deep within the core questioning mortality and the value of life.

You caused havoc, fear and illness in my life. Let me SHOUT at you once again COVID, you cannot take me or my family. I am strong and you can’t bully me around. I continue to feel your wrath with the absence of my full sense of taste, smell, and vision, and your recent stunt of hair loss that you caused.

Let me remind you again, you are not welcome here. I will continue to battle you with blazing fire and deny you of the oxygen you need to live. I will continue to detox my body and increase my alkaline levels to optimize my health. I will mentally squash you like a grape and leave you lifeless. There is absolutely no place for you to sink your nasty energy into my body, mind or my soul. I will move (literally and physically) right past and through you. You can continue to scream at me in a raging tantrum and I will continue to do the opposite of what you dictate. I will not lay down nor will I succumb to ANY of your wishes or demands.

In your darkness, there is light. In your destruction you have left gratitude and reminders of fresh perspectives. I appreciate the opportunity to slow down. I no longer take my health, my strength or the love for my family for granted. Because of you, COVID, I am a stronger woman.

Consider this your final eviction notice. Like a snake I will shed every layer and leave you behind, powerless and shamed. I cut you out of my life as I cut you out of my hair.

Good bye COVID.



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