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Dear Dad,

You are not a sentimental-mushy planner, but I believe you picked today, Mother’s Day to celebrate your life and also powerfully honor and have together the feminine and maternal sources of love in your life.

There are so many things in the world that are unclear and don’t make sense, yet in their mystical darkness there is light.

Dad, In the light on your journey…you brought color. Often vivid and sometimes jagged.

To describe you on a canvas would be more of a Picasso than a Rembrandt. You don’t fit in the lines, you have no limits, the tones are bold, and every piece has its own personality. Some of the strokes of your canvas were hard and defined, and yet now they are soft and with ease.

Dad, you are a piece of work. Warm and fuzzy, not so much. The dad that let you stop to go to the bathroom on long road trips–heck not so much. The husband that took his wife in labor to the hospital during Monday night football–not not not so much.

But Dad, you are a man of character, a man of realness, transparency and authenticity. Because as we know, we always knew EXACTLY what you were thinking!

Dad, you are a master piece with the title of resiliency and strength. No matter the challenge or tribulation, you always fight, you always keep showing up. Your strength is your stubbornness, your determination and your legacy.

Your passion was not art, but your love is eternally passionate…Your love for our success, your love for our growth, your passion to ride your motorcycle in the open air free like a bird, your everlastingly determination to kick MSA’s tushe, and above all the way you passionately love us the best you can.

Thank you Dad, I am me because of you….

Ride free Dad~



Dear Papa,

Papa you are still ....

A family member

Even in the stars ⭐️

You made generations from mommy to me

We celebrate you today and every day and every night

You are always in are heart even in the dark You are a puzzle peace in are famIly and always in heart

We will watch you dance in the stars

We LOVE YOU Pappa 💕 Thanks for being here for us !!!!



My dad was laid to rest after years of fighting MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), a rare, debilitating progressive neurological condition. Part of celebrating his life consisted of a beautiful drive-by from the Fort Lauderdale HOG drill team he used to be a part of!


If you're so inclined, please consider making a donation to the MSA coalition by going to:

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