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Fu*k It Bucket

Take the icky and the awful and put it in a bucket (imaginary or real). Dump it in like you mean it!

Let it marinate and soak!

During that time it will be in the sifter inside the Fu*k It Bucket.

What is important? The stuff that really needs to be dealt with or the ‘some’ things that have to be fixed will stay at the top, but the stuff, the stuff that is not important or not necessary to address now, will sift out, fade, drop through.

Just like when you are cleaning broccoli in a strainer and you rinse it off. The parts, the meat of the broccoli with the nutrition and the value stays in the strainer, and the gunk, or dirt, the parts you should not eat, rinses away down the drain.

Or you know the expression, take the sh*t and throw it at the wall and see what sticks!! That is what is going on here.

Put it in the Fu*k It Bucket! Shake it up real good- I mean real good!

Let it sit there for as long as possible…

Ideal is at least 24 hours, but a minimum of 6 hours (a morning or afternoon) and then see what stays in the sifter and deal with that.

The circumstances don’t change, but your perspective does.

If you are stuck, call for an appointment and make shiFt happen, (954)862-2252.

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