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Make Shift Happen

“If you want to love more of what you like, notice with appreciation what you like!”

I like doggy cuddles. I like to feel connected to what I like . I like exercise. I like the feeling of relief after I exercise. I like how the thoughts of how it felt impossible to do disappear. Noticing what I like increases more of what I love. Sharing what I like with others builds connection. Connection with others creates accountability. Accountability keeps me in my game. This time of year it is critical I notice what I like to bring more of it into the new year and build connections.

I get it, finding time to workout is hard. Writing down what you like seems hard. Doing anything beyond breathing and getting by seems impossible. I know, I know there is a million things going on.

ACCOUNTABILITY and CONNECTION makes #shiFt happen!

Have a workout partner, have a holiday partner, commit to one another. It is more fun and you will not want to let someone else down to cancel. It is a win-win. If you cannot do it together, do it over the phone together or check-in with each other once completed separately.

Join my private group:Truth with Dr. Dara and get in on the 45 day Pre-shiFt Challenge and #shiFt2019.

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