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Is your "inner" connected to your "inter"?

Dear everyone with a sense of maternal instinct or the ability to nurture,

I was always the person that mocked Hallmark for making a ton of money on holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Mother’s Day is lovely, but I also believe Mom’s Days should be a daily expression of nurturance, connection and femininity to the women that surround us.

In my wisdom, A.K.A., as I get older, I find greater respect and gratitude in the circle of women that provide me with unconditional love and the inspiration for personal growth.

This Mother’s Day weekend, I feel gratitude to all the beautiful maternal forces in my life. In the energies and connections by which I am anchored to others. Because of you, I am strengthening the muscles of the “I”nterpersonal needs of my S.H.I.F.T. and getting really clear of the “inner” in connection with my “inter”personal relationships–the relationship with ME!

In doing my S.H.I.F.T. Powerful Planner and Journal for an Unapologetically Kick Ass Life I had an epiphany–If I want deeper, stronger relations with others it is for me to prioritize, connect and nurture my own soul.

What if today, Mother’s Day is a moment to mother yourself and tap into your own maternal instinct of self nurturance? Some people use the fancy term self-care! I am talking a step deeper than that.

What does your ideal relationship with YOU look like?

You don’t have to love yourself. It is not about (entity) or perfection. It is about setting priorities for yourself like you do to take care of others. It is about respecting yourself with grace.

How do you look to others to nurture you? How do you nurture others?

…Don’t you think it would look the same?

Do you like physical sensations and affection? Do you like your needs and wants heard? To feel connected? Prioritized? Or valued?

What part of this can’t you do for yourself??

Here is my promise…

If you do YOU in this moment and nurture yourself you will be amazed how other people start showing up in your life in POWERFUL ways. People will stop just passively and conveniently being in our lives. We will stop counting on others for our happiness and to fill our needs. Emotional connections will become richer and more nourishing. We will not NEED others anymore, we will want them and they will organically be attracted to us.

When our self-love cup is full we SHOW up for others and they show up for us.

Btw, a full self-love cup is when you, yourself, are anchored physically (food, rest, exercise,). When your self-love cup is consistently maintained, you are able to set limits for yourself and are emotionally able to do this with others.

Daily mothering of our feminine soul is an art. As I continue to learn, I continue to be guided with gratitude by all the beauties in my life that have led the path as mommy models, graceful pillars of maternal strength and that continue to exemplify SHIFT to me, as bad-ass, superwomen.

Thank you!


Your No bull-shiFt, mental fitness, advice giving, S.H.I.F.T. Powerful Planner and Journal for an Unapologetically Kick Ass Life author, shame abolishing, health advocator and doer,

Dr. Dara

P.S. S.H.I.F.T. Powerful Planner and Journal for an Unapologetically Kick Ass Life is the perfect gift for yourself and all the feminine sources of love in your life for a practice of self nurturance and connection.

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