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Refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready

11 days off social media and the best staycation! Have you ever had one?

I wanted to be economically responsible and I couldn’t get my shiFt together to plan anything, so we stayed home and unplugged. It was up there with my top best vacations (Kauai, Hawaii is #1)!


I am dedicated and committed to optimizing my balance of home-life-work! I cannot believe how much energy became available without checking my social media or being a prisoner to my phone.

I played, I swam, I slept, I exercised, I wrote and wrote and wrote (yes, this book is excitedly coming along), ate nourishing foods, took care of medical appointments, I WAS PRESENT, involved, and had fun!


I can’t say I pressed pause, because I didn’t stop. But, I did put everything in slow motion and now it all seems much clearer.


Hey, first half of 2019, thank you. Hello, second half of 2019, I am ready for you baby!

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