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Relationship with Food

What ties does food have to your romantic relationships? Friendships? Family? 🥗

I eat multiple times everyday like clockwork — by myself, with friends, family and partners. The ways food affect my daily life and relationships goes deeper than I realized. It started as a kid and it attached at a physical and emotional level. A feeling was generated by my first cookie. For some it is indifference. For me it was a warm fuzzy feeling from my chemical reaction to it and a warm fuzzy feeling from the attention my family gave from it. 🥦

Food created connection at family gatherings, food gave commonality in relationships, and food numbed discomforts. 🥬

How does it show up for you? Do you understand your relationship with food? Is it a control issue in your relationships? Do you eat with intentionality and purpose? Are you able to communicate to others what your food needs are? 🥝

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