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The next couple days are a pivotal time for many people that set New Year’s ‘resolutions’. People make resolutions as a way to set an intention and put out to the world or universe how they would like to see shiFts and transformation happen. The intention of a resolution is an expression of hope!

It is always a great idea to create an intention. Setting an intention puts out to the universe what it is you want to happen. An intention puts you in forward motion for other possibilities to show up. Just intending on it, you are already on the way. Where the mind goes, the energy flows. An intention is a manifestation of an idea or a vision.

A resolution is limiting because it has an end point. Unfortunately, some people lose interest because the resolutions they have set are unrealistic or too general. Resolutions are often not individualized or realistic to your schedule or lifestyle.

When a resolution feels overwhelming or impossible, you don’t feel successful at something, you lose interest! Set an intention that is realistic and practical for your lifestyle to create success.

– Prioritize your intentions. – Create a list of priorities and make a Plan of Action. – Create a team or a partner for accountability and camaraderie.

Identify intentions versus expectations. Intentions have flexibility and alternative options, resolutions have rigidity. When a resolution is not met you feels unsuccessful. Keep intentions realistic, FUN, and simple. Prioritize your intentions and do one at a time.

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