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Signs your partner is NOT your soulmate!

They will only talk about things in the close future. They will not discuss anything beyond a few years away. When engaging in financial conversations they often switch the subject or continue to recommend you do not mix your finances… NOT your soulmate!

You are discussing moving in together after dating for two years and they suggest you keep a storage unit for the things you are considering to give away that there isn’t room for in the shared house… NOT your soulmate!

You wish to have children and when you first started dating the person with children they were open to creating a family together. After being deeply involved they decide they no longer want children. They seem great on paper and you even convince yourself you can make it work without your own children. After a while you realize the lack of flexibility is more than just about wanting more children. Although the relationship is hot and heavy, a soulmate would find a compromise… NOT your soulmate!

You are the type that often gets cold. In many ways your partner is very attentive to your needs, and mostly very loving, but when you are cold, they suggest you get a blanket… NOT your soulmate!

You are enjoying time with one another and discussing future plans and they begin contact again with their ex, even though they swear they are only friends… NOT your soulmate!

You and your partner seem to have a well-connected intimate connection. During intercourse they speak of another person’s name. Of which they were dreaming a few weeks prior and you heard them say the name. They swear the name means nothing to them… NOT your soulmate!

You find your partner is faking orgasm during sex! It has been going on for a while… NOT your soulmate!

When you started dating you felt connected and had stimulating conversations. It was soulful and nourishing. Over time you feel a disconnect. When you approach the topic, your partner is guarded and defensive. You think they will change. They may be sexy… NOT your soulmate!

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