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The government shut me down!

My truth… Last month was so much different than I thought it would be. It wasn’t all bad. Nothing detrimental or tragic happened. In fact, there were many blessings and good fortunes. Just a lot of changes and energy shifts that I didn’t expect.

The government shutdown affected my family more than I thought it did. The financial implications of it added many additional financial pressures and it brewed up all my financial insecurities. Does stress contribute to my health? Did it wear out my immune system? I am a psychologist, aren’t I supposed to be able to handle it? I got sick, nothing serious, but getting sick made me feel like I failed. Like I did not take good enough care of myself. Like superwoman couldn’t handle it. It made me think I was weak and I was not strong enough.

Then words of a friend and words of reason set in…

No one wants to hug or confide in a robot. I am a beautiful human. I can settle into it. I can enjoy the feeling of a hot mug in my warm soft hands. I can smell my tea, my sheets, my babies’ hair. I can listen to the sounds I never notice in my house. I can be in THIS moment now because I will never get it again and one day I’ll have a day where I wish I was in bed drinking tea and just resting. I woke the government up!

Thank you friend.

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