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About Last Night

Nights weren’t always like last night. They were not fun. On the outside I used to seem like an extrovert with a smile and a shield big enough to block an emotional army. On the inside my truth was introverted, petrified and nervous. Planning a night out used to be torture. I would have to talk myself into going and convince myself I would have fun and swear the pit in my stomach would go away. Many nights it took courage in a bottle to create an illusion of okayness only leaving me with a stronger pain even deeper within my core by the end of the night.

I was scared of success, I was scared of failure, but I was most scared of judgment. Worried not to fit in, worried to not be enough, worried to be too much. What I learned is the toxic relationship I had with others was derived from the toxic relationship within me. The messages got ingrained, intertwined and permeated into my unconsciousness at a young age. It became my identity. It isn’t who I am and it shiFted. Last night was fun, free, and soulful. Last night is who I am. Can you relate? If you have a heartbeat, you have to relate! Are you stuck? Call for a session of Rapid Resolution Therapy to unstick it and clear it from the root…

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