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Balance Your Superwoman

How do you balance your superwoman?

The critical key to superwomen accessing their superpowers is SAYING NO!

I get it. As a mom, psychologist, wife, doggy mommy (the list is endless) it always feels like I am juggling. It feels like in order to move ahead in one area it means moving back in another. The reality is saying NO gives me the opportunity to be present and be good at one thing at a time.

Take a bowl of sand and some rocks. Mark about 3-5 rocks with your priorities. Put the rocks in the bottom of the bowl and then add the sand (the rest of the things you have to do). If you put the sand in first, your priorities- the rocks won’t fit!

The most important rock and priority, is ME! This superwoman cannot fly without giving oxygen to me first. My oxygen is food, rest, exercise and having a balanced schedule. I cannot survive without oxygen. Wiring the priority of me to oxygen sets the priority of its criticalness. It sets the tone in which I see the rest of the world and my capacity to utilize my superpowers. Of which, I did not get out of bed until after 8 this morning, so I am seeing very clearly and I am charged up!!! Saying no, or not now, or no thank you to others is saying yes to me and unleashing my superpowers!

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