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Connecting and Communicating

It is not what you are saying, it is how you are saying it! Lesson to self!! I learn something new about myself in my relationships everyday. Sometimes, even how shitty I am! I can talk all I want with ingenious words and wisdom, but if I am not saying it nicely or making eye contact! Nothing is going to change.

What I have learned about connecting and communicating… I don’t have to do all these at once or all the time. But, focusing on one makes shiFt happen!

1. Together with your PARTNER, making eye contact and with no phones out, have a discussion of how you would like the RELATIONSHIP to be.

~ Discuss what you like in the relationship ~ Include realistic goals ~ Map out an ideal schedule (time together and YOU time) ~ Make a list of daily and weekly priorities and needs of the relationship ~ Get excited when it is working! Tell them when it is working! SHOW APPRECIATION!

2. Collaborate together how you want the relationship to be optimal and successful.

~ Create a visualization together enjoying family time and fun activities ~ Be patient as your relationship acclimates to new routines ~ Get excited when it is working! Find positives! SHOW APPRECIATION!

3. Set limits on cell phone usage and social media – YES, I AM SERIOUS!

~ Only establish guidelines if you can stick to them! ~ Get excited when it is working! GIVE PRAISE! YOU CATCH MORE BEES WITH HONEY!

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