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Dear anyone that values their freedom and health, anyone that feels imprisoned by the fear of COVID

Have you ever felt like your freedom or ability to do what YOU want is restricted? Have you ever felt your independence has been taken away or you are unable to access it? I can honestly say that over the past month I had moments of feeling trapped and powerless.

Today feels different! Today, my heart is filled with gratitude. Yesterday, I tested negative for COVID after almost 4 weeks of being positive in something resembling HELL. Now, I am free from the confinement of COVID-19 and cautiously optimistic. I still have the annoying residual affects- shortness of breath, fatigue, blurry vision, taste is not 100% and I literally wheeze when I exert myself. Perspective people… Me, I can run a marathon, but today could barely walk up the block!! My husband is still fighting for his freedom to test negative as he gains strength and strives towards wellness from COVID. Randy is still left with very serious complications- BP is all over the place, swollen spleen, liver working overtime to keep off infection, labored breathing, discomfort, limbs that tingle, swell, and cramp, a dry cough, chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, restlessness, dehydration, low iron…. His list goes on and he keeps pushing with the motivation to be re-united with me and his 2 resilient, amazing kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the “true” meaning of July 4th. My husband is 31 years in the Navy and a Federal Agent. He has fought long and hard with no hesitation to sacrifice himself for our freedom for over a quarter of a century. Today, more than ever he is MY HERO. He says COVID is worse than any war or injury he has ever experienced.

I will keep this short and sweet (like me)! I am elated to share that our story of recovery has a happy ending. But, I beg of you…please, please, think twice as you gallivant around to celebrate our so-called freedom and really consider how your choices may affect the freedom of others. The next family may not have the same story ending as ours.

Here is your July 4th buzz killer…No one else needs to lie awake in the middle of the night writing a living will with both parents sick and with fear to not be able to take care of their children because of the scary unknowns of COVID. No one else needs to gasp for breaths to discuss who will pick up their kids if their mommy or daddy, or both are in the hospital in two different states. Or worse, to have to reason and contemplate the arrangements that have to be made in the event of death. You may think I am being dramatic, but is it really worth the risk to find out?

Please celebrate America’s Independence by honoring social distancing and taking safety precautions to ensure the freedom of wellness and health for all.


Your no bull-shiFt, COVID surviving, advice giving, Covid-19 healing, Mom, Psychologist and starting to be an actively living person again, Dr. Dara


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