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End of the year reflection

As the end of the year is near, there is much reflection of where you have been and intention of where you are going. Today’s challenge in the 2019 Pre ShiFt Challenge is to call 2 friends you have not talked to. Call, not text!!

Connection is imperative.

Connection with others starts at the foundation- YOU are the foundation!

Your self connection sets the tone of the lense at which you connect with the world.

When I am good with me, I am available to be with the world.

I recall times when I felt less than, or was not happy with my appearance I would retreat and isolate. I would make deals with myself that when I accomplish ____, then I will do ____. Or when I looked _____or lost ____ pounds, then I will call ____!

Stop #shoulding yourself and call two people despite how you think you look or what you think you haven’t done!

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Be sure to jump in the 2019 45 Pre-ShiFt Challenge by joining my private Facebook group: Truth with Dr. Dara

#connectingwithpositivity #connection

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