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Give Yourself Credit

YES! Do you give yourself credit for your feats (yays, good jobs, kick ass moments)?

If you don’t no one will!

Somewhere along the line there was a message not to toot our own horn. That we are supposed to be everyone else’s cheerleader.

I am calling bull shiFt!

When our dog was training last year, I got excited and squealed at a high pitch voice, “good pee Denzel, good pee”. When he had an “accident” in the house, I ignored it. When we went outside my neighbors thought I was crazy and won the lottery multiple times a day by the intensity of my excitement! When my kids started using the potty, I sang a song, “pee pee in the potty party, pee pee in the potty party”. We danced and got silly. Energy flows where energy goes. If you want more of what you like, notice it and get excited! Have a pee pee party!

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