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Hold Yourself Accountable

Tips for holding yourself accountable to meet goals…

Being a mom, psychologist and wife often throws many monkey wrenches in my best intended plans and goals. ~ I meet my goals because I set them realistic to my lifestyle. ~ If you get stuck with meeting goals, begin to be accountable by doing it three days a week to start, not every day. Any thing more than what you did prior is progress. ~ Set a goal you know you can exceed. Add on a day because you enjoy it! ~ If you are not Betty Crocker, to be accountable to cook every night will be torture! It would be realistic to cook two times a week to be able to achieve accountability. ~ Have flexibility and alternative options to maintain accountability. If your plan is to organize your house, start with a room and create different plans to get it done so if one doesn’t work you have an alternative. ~ Prioritize what you want to be accountable for. Create a list of priorities and make a Plan of Action where you can notably measure your objectives of accomplishment. ~

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