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How Much I Work

I’m sitting writing this as my kids are softly playing, and the television is on in the background.

I grab my laptop anytime I can. Whether it is to peek at emails, write a sentence in my book, always hoping to catch up or contribute to something.

Now, I know I shouldn’t admit how much I work. It’s not cool or empowHERing to admit what it really takes to make my life run. [To be honest, I’d much rather say I’m playing in the pool, or completely engulfed playing legos.] But I won’t back away from sharing seeds of healing and wellness:

* I work on the weekends * I send most emails when my kids are sleeping * I often feel rushed or like I cannot get things done fast enough * I respond to social media comments while making breakfast and packing lunches, in line while picking up my kids, between sessions, and anytime there is a second * Most days lunch is very similar * Sometimes I cry when I get so tired and swear I can’t do anymore * I read up on things while getting a manicure and usually have my kids with me * I order groceries online because the lines and business at the supermarket make me crazy! It takes precious time I could be using for trying to help others

I know life won’t always look like this (nor do I want it to be the norm), but–for now–this is the reality of my life. On days when you feel like you can’t get it all done…on mornings you snooze an extra few minutes and don’t work out…on nights when you sneak in a little extra work even though you swear you will stop or stay up too late watching Netflix, to the people in your life that feel like they suck the last remaining morsels of energy out of you…I feel you.

You’re not alone.

On rough (but glorious) days of doing something we love, let’s remember:

1. How far we’ve come 2. What ever feels icky is just gunk or information stuck in our brain, it is not who we are 3. The past is the past 4. The future is just what it is, ahead of us, not now 5. How special it is to be supported by people who believe in us

Don’t forget: Energy flows where energy goes. Let’s Clean that shiFt out!

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