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I Was Born

I didn’t know I would be able to have ONE baby, let alone TWO! Especially after my original fertility efforts were gratefully unsuccessful (like Garth Brooks sang, “thank god for unanswered prayers”).

At 36 weeks, in my second pregnancy, I began to have premature labor pains, as if my body was telling me it was time again. Yet, it was my midwife’s belief and the power of positivity, something greater than me, that got me to full term. It was then I knew a part of me, more powerful and strong, was about to emerge.

With that being said, 3 years ago today, a piece of me was born I never knew existed. My little boy reaches his milestones, I see parallelism as I reach mine. As solid as this little boy walks, I move stronger. As he speaks, my words increase conviction and my voice gets stronger. As he explores, I see the world and possibilities from a perspective beyond a scope I saw before.

Happy 3rd birthday little boy. You will touch the lives of others the way you have touched mine.

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