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Imposture Syndrome

Pre-occupation with thinking whatever you are doing is not good enough.

Thinking the world will find out you are a fraud.

It isn’t a conscious voice, but a voice from deep within. It feels so deep it is hard to adjust the knob and feels like there is an annoying static or noise in the background.

It sucks the joy out of accomplishments as you hear a fade tune, “not being quite good enough” or “you have to do better”. The lyrics are unknown, yet the melody is familiar.

Imposture syndrome fades unless re-stimulated. Do nothing! Acknowledge it is there, but there is nothing you have to do with it or to it.

The thoughts may be facts(real or unreal), but does not mean it is the truth.

If you feel stuck or feel like an imposter in your own skin, Call (954) 862-2252 to schedule a Rapid Resolution Therapy appointment.

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