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Make ShiFt Happen

Have you ever thought:

I want to start my own business? I want to travel the world? I want to write a book? Or, I want to get in the best shape ever?

I have!

Whatever your dream is, what’s stopping you?

The only thing that ever stopped me, was me and constantly shoulding all over myself! Then I realized, it is time to make a shiFt.

ShiFt is about change, and getting out of where you are now–out of being stuck in the suck and changing your mind, from the root, to change your reality.

This time of year is about embracing the abundance of what you do have. For most of us, we feel pinched financially. There is stress to buy too much or there is stress about the idea of buying to look good or to keep up with everyone else.

With a few days left in the year, it is time to appreciate your strengths and accomplishments. It is also time to assess whether you are where you want to be. If you are not, acknowledge that you are okay exactly where you are, knowing you did the best you could. Then, set clear, definitive intentions for the new year.

Whatever you do, do not compare your inside to someone else’s outside. (Social media comparison is the death of joy. The only person you have to out do is whoever you were yesterday!) Squash your “should haves” and make shiFt happen.

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