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Self Harm

Recently I had a session with a teenage girl (competitive softball player) who cuts herself to numb her anxiety and pain. She said she got the idea from her friends after they said it relieved their emotional pain.

After meeting with her for a 2.5 hour Rapid Resolution Therapy session she reported feeling lighter and more hopeful. Her just called to thank me. Her daughter has not cut herself again since our session and seems more joyous and care free.

What is going on with our kids?

According to recent statistics:

1 in 4 teenage girls self-harm.

Nearly 18% of teens in the US reported harming themselves at least once during the previous year.

The rates of self-harm are as high as 31% for teenage girls in some parts of the country.

The study found that the prevalence of self-harm was highest among 14-year-olds (19%) and decreases with age.

Teenage girls were twice as likely as boys (24% vs. 11%) to have reported self-harm in the previous year.

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