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ShiFt Your Mind

ShiFt your mind – ShiFt your $$$

This time of year can magnify financial stress. Increased bills, increased debt, and increased societal pressures to keep up with the latest in gift giving and holiday fashions!

I used to hold my breath as I walked to the mailbox hoping there are no bills and only sale circulars! Now i walk out excited and pumped up to receive a check. I don’t know from where. Maybe from Ed McMann! I just think what it would feel like to receive a check.

The more you think about money, the more you worry about money, the more your financial burden increases. The more your world shrinks.

To #shiFtperpespective is to notice financial abundance with appreciation. Increase gratitude for what you do have in order to magnify abundance.

First thing I do when I wake is put one foot down on the ground and say “THANK”. As I put the other foot down, I say “YOU”. I then notice my gratitude for my soft rug, the carpet below my feet, the pretty picture on the wall, the cozy bathroom rug, the cool water on my face, the moonlight (as we know i am an early riser) peaking through the curtain. From there my gratitude grows and becomes noticeable with greater accessibility. I appreciate what I do have aligning with greater possibilities and putting the whole world in my hands.

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