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Technological Disconnection

As summer is ending and many are vacationing and winding down to get ready for the fall, it is important to have some disconnection time.

If vacation is an option: Go somewhere where there is no service!

Vacationing or not…

1. Set an intention of how you would like to disconnect.

2. Create a vision how you want your vacation to be without connection.

– See yourself relaxing and having a splendid time. – Give yourself space that it may take a couple days to acclimate to not connecting. – When the thought or “worry” comes up for the urge or the actual action to connect, it is just a thought or brief action, giggle and say “there is nothing to be done” and return back to your vacation instead of condoning yourself with disapproval.

3. Set limits how often you will check voicemail social media.

4. Put your devices on Airplane mode.

5. Put your devices on Sleep mode.

And well, some of us truly love our work, complete disconnection is more torture!

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