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This shiFt is real

It is a juggling act to keep my shiFt intact. One of my balls could drop at anytime. Summer schedule added mayhem on top of my already stuffed schedule. And daylight savings did not add an extra hour to my day. With so much summer fun-shine, I lost time. Sound familiar?

Quite frankly, I am not where I thought I would be mid year. My enoughitis (inflammation of thoughts of not doing or being enough) is flaring up big time…

  1. I should have saved more money

  2. I should have spent more time with my kids

  3. I should be farther along in my book

  4. I should have optimized my google searches

  5. I should have been more creative in cooking

  6. I should have… blah blah blah

Sound familiar?

Yes, I needed a brief moment to whine and get over myself, but the more energy I put into what I am not doing, the more I will not do!

So, what I did I do…

Took the big everything “shoulding (should and should nots) all over myself” mound and broke it into piles

Kids, packing lunch, laundry, writing, seeing clients, social media, meal prepping, food shopping, exercise, SLEEP, dates, binging watching- few episodes a week Netflix (finished Frankie and Grace now into Orange is the New Black!), cleaning, walking dogs…

Prioritized the small piles.

Ranked them in priorities with my needs first! If momma ain’t getting oxygen, no one is because I am their source!

My hours of rest, my exercise schedule, my food planning, my time with the kids, my time with my husband….. then everything else.

Wrote out an ideal day as if it already happened describing how I felt after completion, how I looked being done, how it affected others.

I came to some conclusions….


  2. My food prep and planning has been sloppy and it makes me grouchy!

  3. I don’t like doing Facebook lives at night!

  4. I spend too much time on social media!

Effective immediately, I am tightening up my own food prep and planning. Facebook live is on a summer hiatus and will return daytime in the fall. I am taking a day a week off social media!

How do you keep your shiFt together? Are you ready to join in and collaborate together to #makeshiFthappen?

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