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Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Preoccupation of putting my best self out there and fear it will still not be good enough…

I struggled with this “syndrome” most of my life!

I would go for a hair cut (from trims to chopping my long hair off for donation) acting all cool and calm of change but then after they do it or I get home I would go into a state of panic that it doesn’t look good or “I was ugly”. I would feel shortness of breath and as I was crawling out of my skin.

I felt more vulnerable dressing up than wearing gym clothes. I felt like if I was in sweat clothes there would not be any expectations of me, but then when I was made up, I could exceed their expectations. I liked to low ball them!

When dressing up I would stall to get ready, become irritable, unnerved and sometimes even shaky with worry that there would be rejection or disappointment.

There is a cure…

1. Keep doing it anyway despite how you feel 2. See yourself calm and graceful whether you are in heels and lipstick or sneakers and sweats

Do you struggle with Ugly Duckling Syndrome? I know I am not alone…

If you struggle with Ugly Duckling Syndrome or feel stuck, reach out or call (954) 862-2252.

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