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You are the company you keep

I have felt stuck in relationships before. I have felt nauseous to pick up the phone when certain people called or asked to spend time with me. I have minimized what is important for me to avoid conflict. There were people in my life that did not bring out the best of me. There have been people I held close to my heart and did not realize how unhealthy they were.

I don’t recall when relationships that didn’t make me happy became okay to keep. I don’t remember how old I was when I started settling or compromising my needs. .

I know my intentions in ‘these” relationships were innately started to seek pleasure and connection. In the end though, water seeks its own level. If I feel icky, I seek icky. If I spend time with negative people, I got negative. When I spent time with people that complained, complaining became an option.

Lesson learned and re-learned so many times. Today, I surround myself with people I admire and want to share their energy. Today the level of the water is deep and plentiful. Today the water lets me effortlessly swim.

Can you relate?

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