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DETERMINED…. To be at the top!

💪🏼 ——- I set a goal early this year to do 10 pull ups. I am not there yet. I get a sore shoulder sometimes and well, sometimes I even psych myself out to do them. 💪🏼——- Not having the goal completed is a hard task for me. What I do know, is that as I set a goal out of my comfort zone, other ideas and opportunities now become available for me. 💪🏼——- It is not about the 10 pull ups, it is about knowing that it can’t not happen as long as I see myself already done doing them. 💪🏼——-

#determined #mentaltoughness #mentalskills #sportspsychology #athletes #innerchampion #relentless #psychologist

#determined #relentless #sportspsychologist #innerchampion #mentaltoughness #athletes

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