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Disconnection builds connection and appreciation.

Set limits to be present. Set limits for your freedom.

I get it, I feel like a slave to social media and technology. The more engaged I become, the more tethered and obligated I often notice I feel, to keep up, to do more. It becomes a black hole. It becomes a FOMO (fear of missing out!). The world is going on right in front of me and my head is in a fantasy land instead of present in life, and my life is pretty damn exciting.

I have become so accustomed to multi-tasking, it sometimes is uncomfortable and unsettling to only do one thing. When I am not surfing between apps and responding to messages, it is almost foreign to just be in one stream.

I am done watching a show with my kids and feeling a sense of panic because there is a commercial on and I feel like I can be doing a million things in the idol time.

It is time to #shiFtit. I run this technology train, and I am driving. Today I am turning my phone off for 25 min. One minute for each day left of the year!

Are you in? Comment below and join Truth with Dr. Dara:

Be part of the 45 day 2019 pre-shiFt challenge.

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