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It is a New Day

I didn’t feel like pushing a little harder. I didn’t feel like swimming against the current. I felt confused where to go next. I felt like I gave every ounce of my energy to everyone else and it still didn’t feel like it was enough. I felt like no matter how hard I tried to squeeze in an extra hour of the day I couldn’t get it all in. No matter how hard I tried to plan dinner, it just didn’t happen.

I tried hard to stay focused, yet I was all over the place. The truth of the matter is, I had an incredible week. Even the goodness sometimes just feels like it is too much. My dreams felt overwhelming and bigger than me. It was moving so fast, I forgot to plan to pack some oxygen in the day.

I needed the world to pause.

I reached a point, and I just get in bed.

Then, I woke up and it is a new day. I put my big girl panties on and now, I just keep pushing. We just keep on swimming…

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