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My purpose became clear 5 years ago….

I never was the type to be wild over kids. Although, I knew I would not be complete without them. I knew it would be my one regret if I didn’t try.

I made such efforts to get pregnant that I perused medical fertility interventions. After much money and strong adverse reactions later, I didn’t get pregnant. I resigned that it was not in my path to be a mother through natural measures.

Then I got pregnant! I had a beautiful, blissful pregnancy. I was one of those chipper, glowing, vibrant pregnant women!

At 36 weeks, I had not had a baby shower and we were waiting to find out the sex at birth. I hung an “E” on the wall that night indicating to me, I was ready to welcome our baby. I went to sleep and woke up at 1 am to what I thought “was a pee problem” – my water broke. My doula then informed me I was off to the hospital to have an early baby.

I had a natural birth plan and with much efforts and defiance of the medical recommendations, they tried to prep me for the worse case scenario, a few hours after arriving at the hospital, a beautiful baby girl was born.

It was frightening to have a pre-mature baby. There was much conflicting medical advice. My little angel left the hospital with us 48 hours later. She attended her baby shower and basted in the sunlight for several weeks to keep her levels at bay.

This little angel is fire and spice and everything nice. She is precocious and creative and beams with a light from within.

5 years ago tomorrow, since the moment she was born, my purpose is clear…. To be a mommy, to be her mommy.

She has taught me a whole new way to see the world and gives me perspective.

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