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ShiFt Together

Today is my anniversary. I have been married for 6 years. After over 7 years together, two demanding careers, two amazing kids, 3 four legged babies, and countless beautiful memories, I’d like to think that we’ve done some shiFting! The road hasn’t always been smooth but we’ve laughed a lot more than we’ve cried and we still connect at times like it is our first date, so I feel like we must be doing something right! Wherever you are in your relationship there are always opportunities to grow. Below are 4 things you can do TODAY to set your relationship on the right path for 2019.

FIND GRATITUDE! Have appreciation for what they do, not for what they don’t. Notice strengths and what you like, it increases more of what you want.

Be Best friends! Treat them like you would your best friend. You thank your friends… thank your partner!

NEVER STOP DATING! Find the times to be together. Yes, I get how hard it is. My husband travels most of the time and there are a million reasons for us not to connect. FIND the reasons you can! Time together puts you on the same wave length and binds your united front for your family. Make physical time together (dinner, talking, reading, a walk, etc.) before you start implementing or demanding intimate time! Make it a rule to not have sex on the first date and you will find yourselves feeling more compelled and drawn towards it.

TALK to each other like you want to be talked to! Treat them as you want to be treated!! DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! It is not always about you. Step outside yourself for 2 seconds and consider what your significant other may be experiencing and their perspective.

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