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Overcoming Overwhelming

Focus on a solution

~ Draw attention to the possibilities ~ Create a plan of action


~ What you have to be grateful for in the present

Acknowledge the past

~ What happened, happened. It is not about you as a person or a reflection on your character. Nothing can be done any different than how it happened. So what is there to be done, nothing.

It is a timing error the way mind is reading the events as the past as being something that is currently happening.

If a war vet curled in a ball every time she heard fireworks, it would not be her current fear of fireworks, it is the way her mind is reading noise of the fireworks as the noise of the bombs and gun fire she heard years ago on a tour. It is a data misread- a timing error. Like when you are watching television and the words are coming out of the actor’s mouth at a different time than their mouth is moving.

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope, in 1-2 Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions, reprievement can be felt. Call for an appointment, (954) 862-2252.

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